Tip of the Day

Values Reinforcement

As discussed in an article entitled, Creating a Lasting Organizational Culture, one of the steps to establishing a culture is to “constantly . . . reinforce [the values] – especially [to] subordinate leaders.”  Hospitality Resources International has created a variety of tools to assist General Managers in their efforts to constantly reinforce values to their management staffs. 

The Management Commitments Pocket Card is an abridged version of the organization's Mission, Guiding Principles, Operating Standards, Principles of Employee Relations, and Management Professionalism.  It is similar in design to the employee Standards of Service Pocket Card and is designed to be carried with managers at all times.

A Values Screen Saver for managers’ computers is designed to cycle the Manager’s Code of Ethics, Principles of Employee Relations, and Management Professionalism at intervals selected by the individual manager when his or her computer goes to sleep. This is easily done by setting up values statements as a Picture Slideshow in the Screensaver setup on your computer's Control Panel.  

The Values on the Go training program is a set of 52 values topics to be used at the General Manager’s weekly staff meeting.  When assigned to be presented on a rotating basis by different department heads, this material allows for ongoing brief discussion of the Manager’s Code of Ethics, Principles of Employee Relations, and Management Professionalism.

Taken together these tools provide the means and method to constantly present the important underlying values of an organization's culture to all management staff.