Tip of the Day


Try asking your employees for the five biggest obstacles they face in trying to do their jobs.  You might be surprised by their responses.  Some obstacles will seem so simple and easy-to-fix you’ll wonder why you didn’t see them before.

Then prioritize your fixes.  Usually the easiest or cheapest to fix will come first – the “low hanging fruit.”  In some cases, one obstacle is so threatening to your business success, you must pull out all the stops to quickly eliminate it.

The benefit?  First and most obvious is making your operation more efficient.  Second, and just as important, you send an incontrovertible message to your employees that you’ll listen to them and address the challenges they face everyday.

What next?  Make sure your employees know that you want to know what problems they face and are prepared to fix all that are legitimate and within you power to do so.

Bottom line?  Now you’re on the road to Continual Process Improvement !