Tip of the Day

Menu Item Selling Sheets Will Build Your Average Check

Service employees who are trained in the techniques of suggestive selling can improve your average check and bottom line.  Whenever a new menu is put in place, all servers should be provided a “selling sheet” that gives key information about each entree.  Such information should include cooking method, ingredients, time of preparation, and enticing descriptors to help sell each item. 

Just as standardized recipes are important in the kitchen for consistency of product, selling sheets provide the service staff with the knowledge and information they need to sell the product.  In addition to entrees, special training should be given for the suggestive selling of appetizers, desserts, wines, and specialty alcoholic beverages.  The time spent providing servers with the information and confidence to sell your food and beverages will yield consistently higher average checks.

See Menu Item Selling Sheets, HRI Form 484 .